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DISH Network +Joey and Hopper

Watch Commercial-Free TV.

Hate commercials? DISH created commercial-free TV so you can save an hour each night*! Now you can instantly skip commercials in recorded primetime TV. Only DISH gives you ad-free TV with the Hopper®.
Feature must be enabled by customer and is subject to availability. Only available with playback of select shows.

Record up to 6 Channels at Once.

Record up to six live channels at once during primetime, including your 4 local networks and 2 channels of your choosing, and stream four recorded programs to different TVs simultaneously. That means you can watch more and miss less of your favorite programs.

Store up To 2,000 Hours.

The Hopper® packs a 2 TB hard drive punch so you can record and store up to 2,000 hours of your favorite programming. And when you connect the Hopper to broadband, you'll have instant access to more than 15,000 On Demand titles.


DirecTV +Genie

TV in every room? All you need is one Genie.

Watch, record, and play your favorite shows in amazing HD in every room of your home with just one Genie. Plus record any 5 shows at once and store as much as 200 hours of HD programming.

Exede High Speed Satellite Internet

The ViaSat-1 satellite that powers Exede® Internet service has earned a Guinness World Records® title as the highest-capacity communications satellite in the world. The record confirms that ViaSat-1 provides the most total throughput capacity over the U.S. and Canada – 100 times the capacity of a typical Ku-band satellite and 10 times the throughput of any Ka-band satellite launched prior to ViaSat-1. Combined with the company’s innovative ground system, the new system is transforming the economics and quality of service offered by satellite Internet service.

Free uploads. Free downloads. All night long.*

(*In this case, we’re defining “All night long” as 12 midnight – 5 a.m.)

Every night during the wee hours, we’re giving Exede customers a free hall pass to enjoy their superfast Internet service just a little bit more. Or a whole lot more — it’s up to you. From 12 midnight – 5 a.m., you can take advantage of 5 hours of free Internet usage to download movies, games, music, and software updates. In addition, you can upload photo galleries, blog postings, videos, perform online backups, and a whole lot more. During this time period, the meter isn’t running, so your late night usage doesn’t count towards your monthly data allowance.

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